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1000 Trades Group Shot
1000 Trades London Dry Gin
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A distilled alcoholic drink with a predominant flavour of juniper berries and at least 37.5% ABV.  Originally originating in Europe as a medicinal liquor.  It became popular in the British Isles as mercenary soldiers returned from The Thirty Years war where they had drunk jenever.  It established its popularity in the reign of William of Orange who had also banned the import of Brandy from France.


The London dry style evolved in the late 19th century due to the development of column stills.


In the last decade it’s popularity has been in the ascendency due to a proliferation of small batch distillery’s in England and Scotland.  These small distillery’s have introduced a variety of flavours and variations to drive the diversity of gin.


Our gin is made with Juniper Berries, Coriander seeds, grapefruit and some secret botanicals to give a zesty and slightly spicy gin.

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A distilled liquid from fermented cereal grains.  Vodka can actually be made from a range of bases with potatoes commonly used.  37.5% is the minimum ABV for Vodka in Europe and 40% in USA.  There are a number of global super brands of vodka but also a huge number of small batch artisan makers in small localities.


Our Vodka is filtered through activated carbon coconut shells to give a smooth finish.

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Fermented then distilled sugar cane molasses or sugar cane juice. Where a gold or dark rum is desired as the final blend the clear distillate is aged in barrels.  Commonly made in the Caribbean it has strong associations with the Navy and pirates who would drink ‘grog’ and ‘bumbo’


In the UK a rum must be a minimum of 38% ABV.


Our rum is a blend of aged Caribbean rum, botanicals and spices to give a smooth, warm and well rounded rum with some spicy notes.

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