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Is Gin and Tonic the all time quintessential cocktail? Introduced by the Army of The British East India Company in the 1700’s. It is recognised and drunk globally, being popular in many countries. Our recommended signature G&T is served long in a Collins glass with plenty of ice, a double gin and 200ml of tonic water or Mediterranean tonic water.


A great alternative is a gin jam sour made with gin, egg white, blackcurrant jam and lemon juice.

Gin Jam Sour
G & T with lime
Gin Jam Sour
G & T with pink grapefruit

A truly classic vodka, lime and soda lower in calories than most other vodka cocktails.


If you are feeling more adventurous a French Martini is vodka, pineapple juice and Chambord liqueur. French Martinis were invented in New York in the 1980’s. It is the Chambord, made in France since 1685, that makes it French.

French Martini
VAT Lime

The Moscow Mule’s history is rooted in 1940’s New York with some opposing stories on how it started. Traditionally served in a copper mug, it is important the mug is lined and not pure copper! Our own twist on the Moscow mule uses a double shot of rum, ginger ale, lime juice and topped off with mint and lime wedges.

Rum Moscow Mule
Rum cocktail
Spiced Rum seal of approval
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